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Agent Assisted Selling

I am often asked “what is Agent Assisted Selling”?

Technology has changed the way we do business and Real Estate is no exception.

Gone are the days when the only method of selling your home was through a traditional estate agent. Online searches and listings have made it easier for prospective home buyers to find their dream homes. The internet has simplified and enhanced the ability of home owners to market and sell their homes without an estate agent. However listing your home on multiple websites is no big deal and is only a small part of the selling process.

The downside and biggest barriers that private sellers have is “lack of exposure, lack of advice, lack of tools and skills that experienced estate agents have to market, negotiate and sell their own home. Nor the time to present their home in a professional and polished manner that would attract potential buyers”.

Agent Assisted Selling allows the homeowner to take control. You choose what services you require and only pay for those services. Take a look at our fees.

Using our Agent Assisted Service homeowners are on their own but not alone. Our professional experienced estate agents are only a phone call away to assist and advise you – at no additional cost.

The internet has also made it very easy for “other” players to enter the market – Techno geeks, and other professionals. But be warned they may not possess the expertise that experienced estate agents have to guide and assist you throughout the process.

You may ask “how would I know that the agent I employ is suitably experienced and qualified?”

Real Estate Professionals should have a prominent online footprint (not only a FB page). Your agent should, in addition to their agency website, also have their Personal Website or Webpage. Their Personal Webpage will showcase who they are (resume), what they are (testimonials), credibility, expertise and knowledge of the real estate market.    

Let’s take a look at how much you could save using the services of – Online Realty.

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